About us

We install and repair access control systems for a wide range of properties and commercial buildings.

Southdowns Access Control aims to maximise the safety, and the security of your commercial or residential premises. Our expert knowledge of the latest access control products available in a constantly evolving marketplace and, our experience in applying the most appropriate technology from both a security and for cost-effectiveness, means Southdowns Access Control can install the right solution to meet your individual or company needs.

We will take you through every phase of the design and installation process and also provide a full and comprehensive support package of maintenance, repairs, updates and upgrades.

Training and Accreditation

We are fully trained and accredited by the NCFE, the Certified Locksmiths Association and Keytech you can feel assured of our expert knowledge. We have over seven year’s experience operating in environments as diverse as bases for the military and primary schools and, there are very few if any, areas of business that we would not be able to manage.

Free assessments for your home or business to ensure your family and employee’s safety Contact us now to arrange a comprehensive evaluation of what you require from your security system. Our free and no-obligation assessment will show you how to maximise your safety and fulfil the requirements you have through the wide and varied security system options that we can offer.

Residential properties and offices

For private residential properties, apartments and offices Southdowns Access Control can design and install a user-friendly and secure method of controlled access for tenants and employees.

The market has a plethora of options that provide two-way talk, call, pin code entry, keyless entry, remote electrical locking release and video options.

Our experience in the field of access control allows us to identify the correct option to suit your particular needs and circumstances.

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