Stand-alone door entry systems

Electronic and mechanical stand-alone locks

We can install stand-alone digital entry locks for your complete peace of mind and convenience.

Stand-alone locks are generally electronic or mechanical coded door locks. These keypads provide a quick and easy solution to securing offices, store cupboards, staff rooms, rooms in care homes and schools, even garden sheds. Why not go keyless and switch over to a digital entry lock which is a no-frills cost-effective solution to improving security.

The entry level stand-alone entry systems are packed with features that professionals would expect with a hardwired system. Some are battery operated while others provide multi-level high security. They are keypad programmable allowing you the means to quickly add or delete individual users.

There is a choice of weatherproof for outdoor use, vandal proof and indoor range. They can be fitted flush or surface mounted and can have backlit keypads and a range of user codes. Codes can be four, five or six digit numbers and, it is simple and secure and, for that extra level of security, remember to change the codes every month.

Stand-alone fingerprint readers.

You no longer need your keys if you have a stand-alone fingerprint reader. Convenience is at the end of your finger, and you can use them for your home front door, your garage or your company door. These biometric controllers can operate with any electrical lock that has an electric release or a magnetic lock, so you will never have to worry about forgetting to take your key with your or, your smart card, token or remember a code!

If you’d like to know more, please give us a ring and we will have a look at your premises and advise accordingly.

Replacement part for door entry systems

If your existing system is giving you a problem, we offer a replacement and repair service, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to ensure your system is working effectively 24 hours a day.

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